We've banned boring - our programs are fun and highly interactive. We like to say that we're doing "business unusual!"

“Talk about practice what you preach - Susan truly lives the life she writes and talks about, in the most genuine and effective way. She has elevated making connections to an art form, resulting in forming vital relationships with influencers from all walks of life that she eagerly shares if you have the good fortune of meeting her. If you want to get your employees talking to each other, change careers, grow your business or even get established in a new community, hire The Connectworks Academy!”

SVP - Design and Merchandising

Knowledge in action is powerful.

Networking is the #1 unwritten rule for success.

Kicking that up into high gear to get personal? That’s connectworking!

The great irony in this hyper-connected world is that although we have more ways than ever to communicate, we are craving personal connection!

Making personal connections (whether you’re working across divisions, smashing glass ceilings, addressing your entire target market or building a business) in a digital age is hard. Differentiating personal, company and product brands can be challenging. The people who can talk to, communicate and connect with others are the ones who will succeed.

Yet according to a Harvard Business Review research report, an astounding 77 percent of the women surveyed believe that hard work and long hours, not connections (which they view with disdain as too sales-y), will secure their advancement.

Ratcheting up our outreach efforts can bring us role models. Access to specific advice and diverse resources. An audience on whom to test our ideas. Mentors and sponsors. Investors. Solid relationships with partners, co-workers, vendors and customers.

The Connectworks Academy's focus is decoding communications for and to women, whether you're building your personal brand, growing your business or continuing the conversation with your customers. We deliver relevant, valuable and actionable information for those who want to shake up the status quo, get inspired and make an impact.

What are you committed to? How can we help you make that happen?

People Are Talking...




Communicating your organization, product or personal brand to others in a technology crazed world means listening. Adding value. Giving as well as taking. Being interesting and interested. Being approachable while approaching. Actually connecting.

Connectworking means you have to think differently. It requires planning, commitment and coming at things with a strategic approach.

Learn how to meet fascinating people doing fascinating things. How to get in the right room with the right people at the right time. How to change your world.